Volunteer! It Does a Body Good

four hands joining in a high-five in front of a backdrop of trees

Volunteering is a time-honored tradition that is good for any time, any place, and anyone! In fact, there are many wonderful volunteer opportunities in Wylie, TX. We invite residents of The Mansions of Wylie to get out this month and provide some service.


Whether in an apartment community, in a workplace, or for a favorite cause, volunteering has been proven to contribute to making life happier. If living longer, developing confidence, making new friends, and learning new skills sounds like something you want to do, volunteering can help. Learn more about volunteering and its surprising benefits to get the motivation going.


So ready, set, volunteer! Here are a few ideas to get you started with:


Volunteer time at a local school. Teachers and staff can always use an extra set of hands for a one-time gig or an ongoing weekly assignment. Head over and listen to kids read, help coach a sports team, sell concessions at a game, donate books, or simply make a monetary donation to a school. You can volunteer at a school, whether you have a child going there or not! Ask members of the PTA where you can make a difference. You can even take a friend or neighbor with you.


Visit a nursing home or care center. Find ways to share your talents or give of your time to someone, especially someone who might be lonely or unable to leave their home. If you are a musician, put together a musical program to share with the residents. Listen to and help record residents’ life histories. You can also read to them from their favorite book or simply visit with them. Alleviating loneliness is a great service. Find a nursing home near you today.


The Corporation for National & Community Service is a good resource for getting started and finding opportunities to volunteer, or for simply getting inspired to join an organization you are passionate about.


But you don’t even have to join a formal organization to do good to others in your community! Serve people in your circle to start getting in the habit of looking for and meeting the needs of others. Then try other things, like organizing a service project cleaning up an area in the community with friends or raising money for someone in need. You’ll be amazed at the difference you make!


What are your favorite ways to volunteer in the community — or without even leaving your apartment? Let us know in the comments so we can all benefit.