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Indoor Gardening Ideas

four potted plants on a windowsill receiving light from outside

We may have a few more months left until spring in Wylie, TX, but if you want to welcome the season into your apartment a little early — and keep it feeling like spring all year long — pick up indoor gardening! This week’s Mansions of Wylie Blog has tips and ideas for growing herbs, plants, vegetables, and more so that anyone, no matter how green their thumb, can find useful.

Try growing plants in water.

Sure, plants generally need soil, sunlight, water, and care, but some, like houseplants and herbs, can grow pretty well just in water. You’ll just need the roots or cuttings of the plant you wish to grow and a container big enough to hold them and give them room to grow. Then you don’t have to worry so much about forgetting to water them or over watering them! Just remember to fill up the vase when the water gets low or switch out the water when it gets murky.

Opt for herbs that thrive inside.

The benefit to growing herbs in your apartment is you won’t have to buy so many for your cooking, and you can do more when it comes to garnishing your fancy dishes. The blogger on Grow a Good Life says chives, oregano, rosemary, thyme, and parsley are great ones to try because they add intense flavor and color to most recipes.

Grow fruits and vegetables inside.

Know exactly where your fruits and veggies are coming from by growing them in your apartment! They take a bit more effort, but you can do it by learning essentials from the best.

The Bless My Weeds blog has great tips for growing the 15 veggies perfect for container gardening and for growing fruit trees indoors. Most of these do well indoors, so you can take on one project at a time and, once you get more familiar and confident with the processes, add a couple more plants to your plate. Soon enough, you’ll reap beautiful, delicious treats!

What tips do you have for making indoor gardening a success in your apartment? Share your wisdom in the comments below! Thanks for reading. Good luck!