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How to Succeed at Your Resolutions in 2019

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It’s never too late to try something new or to work on bettering yourself. Make a new year’s resolution today! Today’s Mansions of Wylie Blog is featuring tips to help you stick with yours in 2019. Resolutions are infamous for being abandoned early in the year. Prove the statistics wrong — only 14 to 39 percent of resolutions are actually reached — by using our tips to stay dedicated all year.

Pick a goal that matters.

Dan Pink argues that external motivators don’t work as well as creating an environment that fosters intrinsic motivation. The easiest way to ensure you will reach your goal is to pick a goal that you really care about. Don’t set a goal of or for other people; set a goal you are excited about accomplishing.

Record and celebrate your progress.

The Harvard Business Review writes that even small victories can keep motivation up. Remember to keep your mood up and celebrate the small accomplishments that come as you work toward your goal.

Know what you want to accomplish.

It’s much easier to accomplish a goal when you know exactly what you want to accomplish. Write down how you think you’ll feel when you reach your goal. Write down what you think reaching your goal will look like and sound like. This will help you keep your motivation up when the going gets tough.

Get into the right mindset.

If you’ve ever wondered how Olympians stay motivated, you’re in good company. The Atlantic asks the question and concludes that many successful athletes practice mindfulness. Mindfulness, according to The Atlantic, is “the nonjudgmental focus of attention on an experience as it occurs.”

This can help you get into “the zone” and focus on accomplishing your goals. Mindfulness is a great way to get into the right mindset before you begin work on any of your goals this year.

Develop grit.

Grit is the endurance you need to keep going with your goals, and it’s worth studying and working toward. The Huffington Post says, “In order to make anything happen you’ve got to keep at it. Persist. Persevere. Stick to it. There will be days, months even, that you don’t want to. There will be setbacks that make you want to quit — guaranteed. But, by acting gritty, by pushing on even when you feel like throwing in the towel, you’ll actually get stronger.”

What are your resolutions? How do you best achieve them? Let us know in the comments section. We wish you the best as you work on bettering your life in or out of your apartment in Wylie, TX.