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The Mansions of Wylie Blog  Get your apartment looking beautiful and feeling clean by using these tips for decluttering your apartment from the holidays.

Welcome to 2018 at The Mansions of Wylie! We hope you’ve had a fun holiday season and you are excited for a new year in Wylie, TX. Of course, in order to do all you hope to do, your apartment should be a clean, uncluttered space free of all the chaos of the past few months. Declutter your apartment this month by trying these tips.


Remove decor and trash.

As much as we clean up as we open gifts, it’s easy for stray scraps to stay around. Do a sweep of your apartment and get rid of any packaging or wrapping paper from gifts, old food (especially if it’s stale or moldy), and anything in your home that is broken or worn.


This last category can include even decorations, so keep an eye out as you’re putting those away for things that can be donated or thrown away, either because they’re old and worn or because they don’t fit with your tastes anymore.


Give each item a home.

Doing this ensures each item can be nicely tucked away without feeling like it’s just shoved out of sight. Invest in storage containers if you need more. Make space for new purchases by getting rid of clothes and other items around the apartment that you no longer use or love.



You’ll probably naturally transition into cleaning as you’re throwing away trash, putting away seasonal decor, and organizing your home. But if you let these chores be separate you won’t have to feel distracted or overwhelmed with all the different chores you need to do at once. Make cleaning a second step to getting your home in order by doing it once the clutter is clear. Now is the time to sweep, mop, vacuum, disinfect, clean the bathroom, do your laundry, switch out sheets, and add in decor and fresh scents that can help your apartment look and feel clean and beautiful for the new year.


What tips do you have for decluttering your home? Let us know in the comments! Thanks for reading. We hope these tips and ideas help!


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