A Week of Organizing Your Apartment

messy and disorganized folders

It’s nearly spring, and what better time than now to do a spring clean so you can enjoy the full season without a sweat? Start with getting your apartment at The Mansions of Wylie organized in just one week. This five-day guide will help you take inventory and create a sanctuary in your Wylie, TX apartment. Just 20 minutes each day will make a huge difference.

Monday: Declutter. We’ve offered tips for decluttering your apartment that are worth a second look over. Today we’re reminding you to keep up with it! Figure out what items are taking up space in your home. Get rid of things that aren’t functional or fun to look at. Clear off counters and figure out exactly what needs to be displayed and what can be put away. Things collect on bedside tables and kitchen counters, so don’t overlook them! Take out the garbage and put things away as necessary.

Tuesday: Fix it. Things that need batteries, new light bulbs, or a little elbow grease get a makeover today. If something needs to be taken to a repair shop, today is the day to do so. Fix the things that can be fixed and get rid of what can’t and you’ll save yourself time and stress in the long run.

Wednesday: Deep clean. Clean behind and under appliances, furniture, and bookcases. Vacuum and mop floors. Clean baseboards and window tracks. Rotate your mattress and wash your sheets. This way your home will feel fresh and clean even in the winter months. Light a candle, open the windows for a few minutes and let the fresh air in. You might be surprised at what you find while deep cleaning!

Thursday: Recycle. Each day you’ve probably found items you just don’t need or want anymore. This is a great time to post items on Craigslist or create an Instagram account to sell your items. Take unwanted items to a local thrift store or donation center. If you have office supply items, ask a local school if you can donate to a classroom in need.

Friday: Repurpose. Maybe you’ve run across a blanket that would be cuter displayed in your family room than folded up in your closet, or a candle holder that could hold makeup brushes in your bathroom. As you’ve taken a closer look at your home and the things you have, you’ve gotten a better picture of what you have and what you need. Repurposing helps you make use of what you have but may sometimes ignore.

We hope you find yourself inspired to do some deep cleaning and organizing. Thanks for reading!